View Full Version : Help with time machine

July 17th, 2008, 02:59
Ok now im no noob, Most people already know this. However i have hit a road block with my psp travels. Today i tried to install time machine on my psp slim so i could run 1.50 firmware, Well it worked at first, Then i thought i would try out devhook on the slim psp that was running 1.50 (plus the 3.40 modules) and at first that worked, until i tried to run the devhook emulation of 2.80, It then froze and it hasn't been able to boot since, So after making my pandora timemachine capable i tried to run the DC5 program on it and it would not start it up, So i set out trying to find a way to make it work again, And i came across U.P.M.S and thought i would try that because it was able to rebuild the pandora ipl and all that. So i was able to get it working until i tried to install any of the 3 DC's i was able to choose from after installing U.P.M.S and it starts to work until it gets to the point where its going to format flash1 then it freezes, I tried all of the firmwares that DC can install and none of them will work, They all do the same thing. Any ideas how to fix this?