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July 17th, 2008, 16:46
This is an idea i have to put custom songs on gh3 using the homebrew channel first download a rom of the game (u better own the game already) then do it the way u would on a modded wii minus using the actual disc but i havent downloade a rom of this so i dont know if it will let you acess tbe song data another way could be to copy everything from the original disk do it the way as if u had a modded wii but im not sure if u did this the homebrew channel would run this or if it will make the wii not read ur original disk i dont wanna try that way so the other i would think is safer.

I just started downloading the torrent file it will take 3 days and also if my friend did the update can he still install the homebrew channel and if he can how. He did the update then found out about this and he hopes he can still do it.