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October 19th, 2005, 17:59
here is a compatibility list I have made for the favourites version of mame 097. I will make more lists as time permits for the different versions.
feel free to add to or ammend this list.
It should be pretty self explainatory.

4 fun in 1/works perfect
video 8 ball/crashes
ali baba/works well
alpine ski/works/sound skipping
amidar/works perfect
anteater/works/sound skips
armored car/works perfect
battle of atlantis/works/sound issues
azurian attack/works/sound issues
bagman/works perfect
le bagnard/works
the billiards/???? unsure of existence
bio attack/works well
black hole/works/sound issues
black panther/works/very slow/unplayable
bells and whistles/crashes
bomb jack/works /slightly slow/sound issues
boardwalk casino/works
calipso/works perfect
cannon ball/not tested
catapult/works/sound issues
cavelon/works well
crazy climber/works near perfect
check man/works perfect
city bomber/works/very slow/unplayable
crazy kong/works/sound issues
crush roller/works perfect
cue brick/works/very slow/unplayable
dark adventure/works/very slow/unplyable
dark planet/works/control issues/playable
dark tower/works/very slow/unplayable
dark warrior/works/sound issues
dazzler/works perfect
double dragon/crashes at eeprom
double dragon 2/works/very slow/unplayable
dangerous dungeons/not tested
detana twinbee/crashes at eeprom
devil fish/works fine
devil world/very slow/unplayable
dingo/works well
donkey kong /works/sound issues
donkey kong jr/works/sound issues
donkey kong 3/works/sound issues
dream shopper/works perfect
elevator action/works/very slow/unplayable
exodus/works/sound issues
eyes/works/sound issues
frogger/works near perfect
frontline/works/very slow/unplayable
the final round/works/very slow/unplayable
galaxian /works/sound issues
gemini wing/works/slow
golfing greats/overflow error
gold bug/works/minor sound issues
gradius/works/very slow/unplayable
gradius 2/works/very slow/unplayable
guzzler/works near perfect
galactic warriors/works/very slow/unplayable
heart attack/not tested
hot shocker/works perfect
hunchback olympic/not tested
high way race/works perfect
igmo/works fine
jump bug/works perfect
jump shot/works perfect
jungle hunt/works well/sound issues
kick start wheelie king/not tested
king and balloon/works/sound issues
konami gt/works/control issues/unplayable
levers/works perfect
lightning fighters/works/very slow/unplayable
lifeforce/works/very slow/unplayable
lizard wizard/works perfect
logger/works/slightly slow
lost tomb/works perfect/use analog control
mariner/works perfect
mars/works fine
megadon/works fine
m.i.a/works/very slow/unplayable
mighty monkey/not tested
minefield/works near perfect
moon alien part 2/works/sound issues
moon cresta/works/sound issues
moon quasar/works/sound issues
moonwarworks/control issues/unplayable
moon patrol/works perfect
mr do/works perfect
mr kougar/works perfect
mr tnt/works/sound issues
ms pacman/works/sound issues
moon shuttle/works/sound issues
nemesis/works/very slow/unplayable
new sinbad 7/works perfect
nibbler/works/sound issues
ninjakun majou no bouken/works/major sound issues
naughty mouse/not tested
orbitron/works/sound issues
ozon 1/not tested
pioneer balloon/works/slightly slow/playable
pengo/works perfect
phoenix/works/very slow/unplayable
pickin/works perfect
pisces/works/sound issues
pleiads/works/sound issues
ponpoko/works perfect
premier soccer/crashes?
power surge/works/very slow/unplayable
puckman/works perfect/minor sound issue
punk shot/overflow error
quiz gakumon no susume/overflow error
radar scope/works/sound issues
radar zone/works/sound issues
rescue/works/minor sound issues
return of the invaders/works/slow/playable
rock climber/not tested
roc'n rope/works/minor sound issues
river patrol/control issues/playable
rygar/works/very slow/playable
sasuke vs commander/works/incredibly slow/unplayable
satan of saturn/works/very slow/unplayable
super bagman/works perfect
super cobra/works/sound issues
scorpion/not tested
scramble/works/minor sound issues
senjyo/works/very slow/unplayable
sea fighter poseidon/works/slow/playable
sfx/not tested
shoot the bull/works/control issues/unplayable
silk worm/works/very slow/unplayable
sky base/works/sound issues
solomons key/works/minor sound issues
space fortress/not tested
space cruiser/works perfect
space seeker/works/sound issues
speed coin/works near perfect
sunset riders/overflow error
star force/works/slow/playable
super toffy/works/very slow/unplayable
strategy x/works/control issues/playable
streaking/works perfect
superbike/not tested
super bond/works/unplayable
super glob/works perfect
survival/works/sound issues
swimmer/works near perfect
tazz mania/works perfect/use analog control
the end/works perfect
thunder cross 2/works/very slow/unplayable
time pilot/works/very slow/unplayable
time tunnel/works/control issues/playable
the tin star/works/control issues/slow/unplayable
tmnt/overflow error
tmnt turtles in time/overflow error
toffy/works/very slow/unplayable
triple punch/works perfect
thunder strike/not tested
turtles/works well
twinbee/works/very slow/unplayable
uniwars/works/sound issues
van-van car/works perfect
vulcan venture/works/very slow/unplayable
wall street/works/minor sound issues
war of the bugs/works/sound issues
water ski/works/slightly slow/playable
wild western/works/control issues/slow/unplayable
zig zag/works/minor sound issues

more to come soon.

October 19th, 2005, 20:11
Very good list, great work! I've never actually bothered to try so many games cause the few games I tried disappointed me so much. They were unplayable because of the high frameskip. I don't think MAME is the optimal arcade emulator solution for PSP. It would be better to port an emulator more optimized for speed than compatibility. In my opinium it's better to have an emulator that emulates only a few games at high speed than having MAME that run almost every arcade game but at very low speed.

October 20th, 2005, 03:48
thats why I did this list based on the favourites pack since most games predate 1984 and are quite playable where as say the irem pack only has 2 or 3 playable games.
oh yeah I forgot to mention that this list is minus all clones, so if you are looking for pacman, its called puckman, etc, etc.

October 20th, 2005, 20:13
Ugh still no simpsons... Damn it!

November 22nd, 2005, 08:07
My PSP BIOS is 1.5

I just got MAME .96 intalled, unde \PSP\GAME\MAMEPSP
also I made a folder called ROMS under E:\PSP\GAME\MAMEPSP\ROMS.

I donwloaded some roms which I'm droping under ROMS.
I got the dreaded "The Game could not be started" 800200001 error.

Please help, Is there a procedure that I am missing here?
What is the extension file format for the roms?
What is a good site to download roms?

Thanks a lot for your help!


November 27th, 2005, 16:06
Quick assumption do you have to have a Mame Bios in your non % folder to get the game to boot? I know Lynx and other EMU's require a bios file and others besides the eboot in the non % folder to run properly.

November 27th, 2005, 17:02
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING plungmonies!!!! I'm speachless :D

November 27th, 2005, 19:20
phavelar - The original files are created for 1.0 I will try to get some more 1.5 versions up by tomorrow, for now here is the CP version adapted for 1.5

Place both folders in the GAME Directory on your PSP

November 28th, 2005, 05:01
OK I'm going to go through the steps to make a 1.5 capable MAME version
since I really don't have the time at the moment to do it for all 18 versions of MAME.
This is the "MANUAL" way to do it..I know there are a few "tools" out there
that can do it also...but this may actually help people to understand the process.

I will use the DE version as an example.

Extract the contents of the archive to a "new folder"
You should have the following contents

In the same folder create 2 more folders:
or if you want to hide the corrupt data:
MDE(30 spaces)1

Use PBP Unpacker (http://www.pdc.me.uk/pbp/)
to extract the following files from the EBOOT.PBP

[Start the program "Open" the EBOOT.PBP "Extract" the files]

Create a folder and name it "roms"
Delete the EBOOT.PBP file and rename the DATA.PSP file to EBOOT.PBP
and now put the following files into either the MameDE or the MDE(30 spaces)1 folder
roms (folder)

Using PBP Unpacker, Select "new"
Drag and Drop the ICON0.PNG and PARAM.SFO to there designated load spaces
on PBP Unpacker or click on the tabs there and load them that way.
Now click "save" and you will create another EBOOT.PBP
Place this one in the Folder with the %

Your 2 folders are now set, aside from adding roms and copying to your MS card
(you can delete the ICON0.PNG and PARAM.SFO that are left over)

btw has anyone been able to find gamelists (even if they are in Japanese)
of what games are on which versions?
I'm assuming some should be easy to figure out like NM and NM2 I would guess are Namco but if anyone can be more insightfull it would be very welcomed :D

November 28th, 2005, 11:00
thanks jdemon! I will put together some gamelists over the next few days for each version and hopefully if I have the time I will put up some more compatibility lists.

November 28th, 2005, 20:31
The following 3 versions are corrupt -[ KN NB NT ] If anyone has copies of them that are not corrupt can you please post them, or email them to me ([email protected]) and I will post them. I noticed that all the files on the original page are now down. I'm not sure if that's a bandwidth situation for them or maybe they were removed because of the problems with the above mentioned files.

ALSO - has anyone figured out a way to get back to the game selection
menu once a game is loaded?

December 5th, 2005, 02:36
I found this listing for all the versions of MAME 97. Some have FPS listings and if they say "overflow" in the right column I think that means the game will crash. This is an "mht" document so you will need to open it with your web browser. This is a much better alternative than booting up each version to check which games are supported.

Still haven't had any luck getting non corrupt copies of thoes 3 versions :( but I will continue to try.

I also noticed that you can use 'samples' but so far I've only tested Donkey Kong JR and it sounds great.

'artwork' of any kind seems to cause an overflow every time.

And I haven't tested it yet but I noticed there is an option to rotate the screen :D

December 5th, 2005, 12:05
I get the feeling that a repack by the author is going to be needed for the 3 mame packs. I also get the feeling that pspmame is simply not getting enough fanfare due to the fact that most of the younger gamers do not appreciate the cratmanship that went into these classic games, I for one can truly understand your desire to play mario bro's on the psp in all it's arcade perfect glory. Oh well at least bombjack works well.

December 5th, 2005, 13:04
I'm guessing maybe some people haven't caught on yet or have had their fill of PSPMAME. When the last one was released there was a lot more talk about it on this Forum.

I just found "pspmame04kn", "04nt", "04gs2", and "04tt2" hopefully I will get a chance to check them out today and see what the heck they are.

December 5th, 2005, 15:10
glad you found the packs you were looking for. so I guess you will report your findings? hehe

December 5th, 2005, 21:44
Very interesting the excel file. A great help for test the games.

We can translate this with babel fish of altavista, japanese to english.

The name of the games:
パックマン --> Pack man

The title of the columns translated:

Title (Japanese name)
Image name
In addition

I think that the "operation" means that the emulation of the game starts, picture that it show graphics, and sound that it sounds (im a geniuos!!) XD

I'm guessing maybe some people haven't caught on yet or have had their fill of PSPMAME. When the last one was released there was a lot more talk about it on this Forum.

I just found "pspmame04kn", "04nt", "04gs2", and "04tt2" hopefully I will get a chance to check them out today and see what the heck they are.

Jdemon, make me happy!!! XD Where can we download this releases?

December 6th, 2005, 04:11
They seem to be just the same versions of 97 that are up and working. The official release is "97_r0.4" so I guess that's why these files were named "04".
And it was sg2 (sega2) not gs2, sorry. The NT zip was corrupted of course.. and yes I even tried once again to see if it would work anyway, and it didn't.

Malatesta, trust me if I ever find any of the non-corrupt ones (NT,BT,or KN) I will be shouting it from the rooftops so don't worry, you won't miss it.

BTW The "rotate" option works great for some games. I've also noticed that if you go back to the menu to load another game up it may crash. Even if it's a game you know works. Not sure yet if that's because I'm using the "rotate" or not.

December 6th, 2005, 05:22
I found this sitting on my hard drive, hopefully it works for you. Unfortunately I can't try this out as my wife is playing through gta lcs at the moment and mame does not work on fanjita's loader yet.

December 6th, 2005, 13:54
Thanks plungmonies, but it's KN2 97 actually

December 6th, 2005, 17:45
I wish this would get updated. I like the addition of all the games with the packs. Just problem is nothing really works that much. I just think they should concentrate on a driver at a time for each game. If they'd just add the games that run well there'd probably be more people interested in the emu. At the present time even Galaga runs slow. Looks like the gpx2 is going to be where it's at for mame.

December 7th, 2005, 20:52

There is my tests with the others releases of mame (UN,CP,TT,DE,SG)

Space Panic (put samples in subdir "samples") <--- GREAT!! :)
Devil Zone (no FX)
Cheeky Mouse (no FX)
Cosmic Alien (no sound)
Cosmic Avenger-OK
Lady Bug-OK
Magical Spot-OK
Magical Spot 2-OK
Zero Hour-OK

Commando (US) - disabling the sound perfect speed- with sound very very slow
Ghost n Goblins- disabling the sound perfect speed- with sound very slow

Space Invaders (CV) - samples in subdir "samples" - Perfect but when the ovni appears the speed of game is down
Arkanoid (World) - Perfecto!!!!!
Bubble Bobble - Very slow
Space Invaders Taito part II - Perfect
Phoenix Taito - Unplayable because speed slow

Astro Fighter (set 1) - Perfect!!!, samples in subdir "samples"
Burger Time - Perfect
Karate Champ (US) - Perfect (pending to try configure controls, original machine have 2 sticks)

Pitfall 2-Perfecto

Malatesta, trust me if I ever find any of the non-corrupt ones (NT,BT,or KN) I will be shouting it from the rooftops so don't worry, you won't miss it.

Im sure of this, Jdemon :) Im looking for these missing releases too, but I dont have lucky in this issue, I sended a mail to the owners of verified list (japanese excel file), but I dont have response.

I also get the feeling that pspmame is simply not getting enough fanfare due to the fact that most of the younger gamers do not appreciate the cratmanship that went into these classic games, I for one can truly understand your desire to play mario bro's on the psp in all it's arcade perfect glory. Oh well at least bombjack works well.

Yes, Im surprised that the little popularity of pspmame. I try to motivate a people in spanish forum, but I have a very little response, only 2 persons have interest. I think the same, that there are more users of psp that there are very young and not appreciate these games. For me is the more important emulator in the scene... The fact of the correct work of bagman,crazy climber,space panic, space invaders,pacman, mspacman... is for me a great reason for happyness.

February 24th, 2006, 21:01
I am trying to get snes9x to go on my psp, i put it in PSP/GAME/SNES9X/EBOOT.PBP But it keeps coming up with a black screen and then saying 800200001, i have firmware 1.5 but i just cant do it

February 25th, 2006, 16:37
^ This is a MAME thread not SNES thread! Is there any more updates for MAME?