View Full Version : Nintendo DS European Release Dates for Early 2006

November 6th, 2005, 22:22
Nintendo of Europe has released their release plans for early next year. Release dates inside...

Nintendo DS
Dragon Ball Z : Supersonic Warriors 2 (Atari) - 20 january
Mario & Luigi : Partners in Time (Nintendo) - 27 january
Bust A Move DS (Digital Bros.) January
World Poker Tour (2K Sports) January
Spongebob (THQ) - 17 february
Tak 3 : The Great Juju Challenge (THQ) - 17 february
Beetle King (D3DB) February
Brick’em all (D3DB) February
Frogger (Konami) February
Rainbow Island Revolution (Marvelous) February
Scratch! Viewtiful Joe (Capcom) February
FIFA Street 2 (EA) - 3 march
Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney - 10 march
Mini R/C Racing (Game Factory) - 15 march
Finding Nemo (THQ) - 17 march
Tamagotchi (Atari) - 17 march
Worms (THQ) - 17 march
Animal Crossing : Wild World (Nintendo) - 31 march
Brain Training (Nintendo) March
Dragon Booster (Konami) March
Trauma Center : Under The Knife (Nintendo) March
WWE (THQ) March
Harvest Moon : Colobockle Station (Marvelous) March
Both Resident Evil: Deadly Silence and Megaman Battle Network 5: Double Team are also planned to be released early next year.

November 6th, 2005, 23:04
Brick’em all (D3DB) February?
I thought that was a PSP "game"? HA!
Anyway, I find it odd that some of those games are so late going to Europe.
In the military PXs right here in Germany you can get Trauma, Frogger, and Phoenix Wright, just to name a few. Of course, they're the American versions for the soldiers here. Why are they so....I don't know, SLOW?