View Full Version : Nintendo Of Europe Announces Deal With Altus To Publish Trauma Center: Under The Knif

November 16th, 2005, 20:24
Nintendo of Europe will publish the medical drama simulator, Trauma Center: Under the Knife, from Japanese games developer, Atlus Co. Ltd when it launches across Europe in March 2006.

Trauma Center: Under the Knife puts life and death decisions in the palm of your hand as you play doctor, offering gamers a unique and exiting new use for the Nintendo DS. By utilising the touch-screen, players are put into the heart of the operating room using a scalpel and forceps, applying an antibiotic gel, lasering complicated tumours, and much more!

As a life-threatening outbreak hits the emergency ward, players are thrust into an increasingly hectic struggle to save their patients. Unlike similar titles, this game has a distinctly arcade feel, featuring medically themed challenges against the clock.

"Nintendo is very excited to bring such a unique and thrilling game to the Nintendo DS System," said Jim Merrick, Senior Marketing Director for Nintendo of Europe. "Atlus is well known for their commitment to quality and depth of game play and Trauma Center: Under the Knife fully utilizes the potential of the hardware."

"We are proud to continue to work with our longtime partner, Nintendo" said Jim Ireton, Vice President of Atlus USA. "Currently Trauma Center: Under the Knife is in the top three in the US Market of all Nintendo DS titles, and the momentum continues to build".

Trauma Center: Under the Knife launches across Europe in March 2006.