View Full Version : Mp3 playback with Hue062pre1

November 23rd, 2005, 14:48

I've been using PCE for PSP in order to play back my Super CD roms, but I would also like to check out Hue062pre1 with Super CD roms because it is the faster of the two emulators, and uses the gpu for some nice effects.

However, whenever I try to load a Super CD rom with Hue I get a message in white letters to the left of the screen saying that it was unable to open the mp3s. The game runs fine, but there is no music.

Is the way that you have to arrange your files for Hue different from that of PCE for PSP? Right now I've got a toc. mp3s all numbered with just double digits and the two iso. images that come with each Super CD.

I would really like to try this with music, so if someone could give me a hint I would really appreciate it.

One more thing, the author of Hue says that it doesn't support the Arcade Card yet. Does he plan to emulate that, or are arcade card dumps actually available?