View Full Version : Help Porting Irrlicht...

September 3rd, 2008, 23:23
Well While I wait for some CD-Rs to Install DDEr4 on my New PC... I Was Wondering... Who wants to join in on helping me port Irrlicht...


PC With DDEr4
Knowledge of Making Libraries(for Dreamcast)
Decent Knowledge of C++
Knowledge of DCs Limitations and Strong Points (GREATLY ACCEPTED)

I want to Get rid of some worthless functions so the library can me cut at least 25-50%, Leaving more Space for the Game to use that RAM, instead of having functions You can't use!

I'll start a project on Google Code... If i get like at least 3 other people willing to help or just give wisdom like a guru! (which is great for the limitations half)

visit irrlicht.sf.net to see Irrlicht's Main Page!