View Full Version : The PSP's new VCR buddy

December 2nd, 2005, 07:23
The PSP could be a portable video great if it wasn't for the brow-furrowing process of loading it up with TV content. Thank the accessory lords, then, for little black boxes like the StorVision.

The miniVCR cuts your PC right out of the picture by letting you record directly TV shows onto a Memory Stick Pro Duo. It's a blissfully simple process too you just hook the device up to your telly or set-top box and record using the remote or by setting the timer.

The paperback book-sized device doesn't just rudely take content from your TV either if you've got any MP3s or JPEGS that you want to broadcast on your lounge gogglebox, it'll happily oblige. It'll also take Compact Flash cards, or any flash cards if you buy an optional 5in1 adaptor. The only downer is that video-recording is in real time, so we'd recommend popping out for a jog while you wait for your episode of Peep Show.

The StorVision miniVCR is available now for the very reasonable price of 100 from the official site:


December 5th, 2005, 23:41
Nice. How good it the video quality though? And how does it transfer musicnpics?