View Full Version : A little help with this

September 6th, 2008, 05:22
So I found this guide here:


it shows how to do the swap magic thing without swap magic but I have a couple of questions about it

1: Could I use this to write the exploit ELFs to my memory card off of a CD or something (like use the ulaunch elf and copy some files to the memory card) so I don't have to use this method too many times

2: If I where to rip my PS2 games that I own and then burn them onto another DVD would there be any advantage to doing so, such as ripping data that I don't need for faster load times

3: How would I go about removing the front drive of the ps2, I know that I need a screw driver for mine, does anybody know where I can find instructions and/or a video demonstration

I know that it's a lot of text, sorry about that. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated