View Full Version : MAME v0.97 Files Corrupt on DCEmu

December 4th, 2005, 04:50
I have noticed that files for the following 3 versions are corrupt:

KN - konami
NB - nichibutsu
NT - nintendo

The zips extract even though corrupt, but the Emus don't work.

If anyone has copies of them that are not corrupt can you PLEASE!!! post them, or email them to me (jdemon901@yahoo.com)
Especially the Nintendo!!

For some reason files are completely down on the original site also :confused:

December 5th, 2005, 03:40
Well I think I've tried as hard as I can on this one. I just joined www.ps2korea.com's forum (using bablefish and guessing a little)
to get their copies of

And they too are corrupt :(
I guess it's time to give up and wait for a while...I'm just dying to try Mario Bros on my PSP *sigh*

December 7th, 2005, 18:57
Ive surfed this website and qj forums website for detailed instructions...ive upgraded and downgraded, put on genesis and neogeo emulators,so i know what im doing, but I CANT get pspmame to work...it keeps giving me the 80020001 the game could not be started crud...plz someone give me a link for good instructions!!


has the full pspmame97 files i think

December 8th, 2005, 04:37
about your problem, if you have your psp with firmware 1.5, the problem could be the next. This mame is for firmware 1.0 (only one eboot), and you must convert it to make compatible with firmware 1.5 . (2 eboots with 2 dirs , mamepsp and mamepsp% for example).

You can convert it with kxploit, or download a version compatible with 1.5. In this pack of emulators there is a compatible version 1.5 of mame:


(Jdemon, the konami version of this pack is the kn2 edition... )

Next thing.
About your zip attached, it not has included the releases that we are searching, but in this zip is included the source code of konami, and other releases :)
I try to compile this, but I have a stopper... "Error in line 235: Missing separator". Im absolutelly noob in compile souce code...
For compile this source I make the next steps:
1-Install pspdev sdk in my pc
2-Merge the source code of this zip with the files "core.mak" and "rules.mak" of official mame097 source code.
3-Change "/" for "\" in "makefile" (It seems prepared to compile in UX system)
4-execute "make TARGET=konami"
In this point this returns this error "Error in line 235: Missing separator" .
If other person with knowledge want to try to compile...