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M Dash
December 5th, 2005, 23:44

As all we know, after the Orochi battle, Kyo Kusanagi was kidnapped by the N.E.S.T.S. corporation to be cloned. wich turned out to be successfull. Further ahead in time, we find the teams struggling to reach the N.E.S.T.S. headquarters to defeat the presumed boss of the corp., Krizalid. But... Did the defeated teams of the tournment stop??




This is a BoR mode that i've started about 2 weeks ago. Until now, only K' and Rock Howard are fully operational, and Neo Kyo Kusanagi is beeing worked on. It will not feature ALL the characters of the KoF 99 game, but it will feature good characters ;)

Future news will be posted here ;)

M Dash
December 23rd, 2005, 16:41
OK, so I finished another character, and moved on to the next one. The current characters are:

K' (K Dash) - Normal Available
Rock Howard - Special Available
Neo (Shin) Kyo Kusanagi - Normal Available

Working on: Kyo Kusanagi (2003 Version)

About the stages: I might make them based on KoF 2003.
The Music: mainly, I'm thinking about inserting various titles of KoF, but i think it will be much of KoF 2003. ALL ASTs. (Arrange Sound Tracks)

I'm not shure if i will release a demo, both for PC and DC version. I don't think i will, but if i see that there are some or many ppl asking for a demo, i'll do a demo and post it in the official forum of the MOD (see signature) and then, post the demo in here to download.

These are the latest news. Will be back with more!

February 9th, 2006, 11:04
fark man thats mad

im up for a demo :)

M Dash
February 10th, 2006, 18:57
Lately i've been quite busy with work and school....
Still: the project IS and WILL BE up until i finish it...
No big progresses where made since the last news, still, i'm gonna see if i can make something in the project this week...

M Dash
April 14th, 2006, 00:54
OK, so I've been working on the MOD lately, and here are the completed stuff:

All playable characters are complete. Due to memory limitations of the engine, I only managed to include 3 playable characters:

- Neo Kyo Kusanagi (Easy Level Character)
- K' (K Dash) (Normal Level Character)
- Rock Howard (Special Level Character)

Also, the storyline of the game changed... Instead of having only clones of Kyo Kusanagi (which would be extremely BORING) I also have lefted the original enemys of the BoR game. I really haven't changed nothing about the characters really. The only thing that I changed, was that now every enemy has they own dieing voice... This way, the storyline is now like this:

In KoF '99, right after Krizalid is defeated, there are only 3 warriors at sight in the NESTS quarters: Iori Yagami, Kyo Kusanagi and K'.
K' was escaping at the moment and Kyo and iori where about to start battling...

Then, an explosion happens, and a LOT of clones coma out of the quarters... Clones of almost every warrior of the KoF...

This way, the battle between Kyo and Iori doesn't even start...Kyo goes to defeat the clones... K', being MAD, joins Kyo Kusanagi in the struggle against the clones.

That's All...

Here's a simple README file:

The King of Fighters '99 - Clone Attack

By: Kusanagi, Sonic Force Corporation.

This game is based on the great and famous engine Beats of Rage (a.k.a. BoR).

What's different from the original BoR:

- 99% of Music and Sounds Changed.
- New player characters (2 normal + 1 secret) fully complete.
- Each CPU character has they're own die sound.
- The game has it's own story.

To Be Made:

- Change the stages layout.
- Change the pickup items layout.
- Change the game (letters, arrows, breakable items, etc) layout.
- Make the "How To Play" Sequence.


- Change the difficulty settings.
- More Cut-Scenes.


P.S.: To be able to play with the secret character AND in the bonus stage, you must reach the game to the end, in every mode (Easy, Normal and Hard).

I already have burned 3 prototypes:

Version 1 for PS2 and Dreamcast
Version 2 for Dreamcast

The versions of the Dreamcast work according to plan. OK
The PS2 version doesn't work... Boots, it shows the "Now Loading... Beats of Rage by Senile Team - Playstation 2 port by Neill Corlett" but it doesn't get out of that screen... I really don't know why... :\

These are the latest news...
More news to come.

April 26th, 2006, 05:05
Dude... you have to make Terry Bogard playable... he kicks A$$ on everyone. Good luck making this project, and I am looking forward to playing it.

M Dash
May 2nd, 2006, 22:14
Dude... you have to make Terry Bogard playable... he kicks A$$ on everyone. Good luck making this project, and I am looking forward to playing it.

lo0ol I tought about it, but the storyline doesn't fit terry in any way.... and the secret character is already made (Rock Howard) and I made it playable due to a special request from a friend... because i was only going to put Kusanagi Kyo and K' (K Dash)...

Sorry to disapoint you, but Terry Bogard will not be in the game...

May 4th, 2006, 23:58
no problem man... just reccomending.