View Full Version : Mods of Rage Moves To New Home

August 11th, 2004, 20:22
Mods of Rage is in the process of moving to http://www.gamikaze.org/[br]We have moved many of our mods to their server already, and the downloads are available by visiting the appropriate topics within the Gamikaze forums.[br]We will continue to maintain our web site at http://dcbor.thefreeserver.net (and http://bor.dcstuff.thefreeserver.net/ ) for a few months, but all of the download links will point to the Gamikaze forums.[br]Gamikaze's server is a lot more reliable and should be a lot faster than our old server. We look forward to continuing to develop the fantastic relationship we already have with the BOR community.[br]Gamikaze's admin is also in the process of adding the "Attachment" mod to our forums, so modders will soon be able to post their own mods, and make their own forum posts about their mods.