View Full Version : Ridge Racer DS - US Version Now Shipping - Race up to six players with just the one cartridge!

December 13th, 2004, 15:32
News from Lik Sang (http://www.lik-sang.com/news.php?artc=3551&lsaid=219793) [br][br]Ridge Racer DS, a port of the N64 game released four years ago, is now playable in the palm of your hands. The US title is shipping since Saturday, with pre-orders being posted as we speak, and new orders welcome at US$ 44.90 only.[br][br]Nintendo's own development studio that handled Metroid Prime Hunters DS ported the game over, and took the time to upgrade several features too, starting with 6 player wireless racing. Using the NDS download function, everyone can play with just one cartridge between the group, the other NDS consoles downloading the game into their memory. Being limited in size, some features are missing, but if each player does have their own cartridge, they can each have your own music and such. Drifting around corners, slamming into mates and spinning 360 degrees, all wireless, is something new to console games, and great fun. [br][br]For the single player aspect, Ridge Racer DS includes 20 GP races spread across three locations, and has 32 vehicles, which combined with it's tough but arcade style difficulty level, will keep gamers busy a while. The lower DS screen is used to display information like lap times, records and a map of the track, keeping the top one clear of all but the most important details. With three different control scheme options, the bottom screen also functions as an analogue steering wheel, preventing you from having to tap-tap-tap around corners with the d-pad (I still remember power sliding around the corners of Sega Rally on the Saturn like that, and after a while knowing exactly how many taps many of the corners took).[br][br]If you haven't kept up with the latest DS news here recently, you might not know we have the Japanese DS in stock and shipping right now. We provide fully illustrated instructions on how to change the language to English, and after that it stays that way, even if you reset the machine to wipe its memory! English instructions are also available on both, Nintendo.com and Lik-Sang.com. Being region free, the Japanese DS is certainly the way to go to avoid the US shortage, but it's best to be quick, as the Japanese supply is not eternal either. The full news article is online here, complete with games, and accessories like bags, screen protectors and more.[br][br]If you are targetting a delivery on or before Christmas, please see our Christmas Rush Shipping Schedules Summary here, with final deadlines for Global Priority, Airmail, UPS, DHL and EMS.