View Full Version : ds online?

December 8th, 2004, 10:11
Some one explain to me how and when i can go online with my ds

December 8th, 2004, 11:23
ok no games are online yet!!

the makers of final fantasy are working with the DS 2 make a game that can go online!!

so you cant get online yet but will when the games come out!!

December 10th, 2004, 10:00
DID YOU SAY FINAL FANTISY!.do you mean they r makeing online final fantisy for ds

December 10th, 2004, 15:19
No they're not! But they might me making a Final FANTASY for the DS! If someone is making a game called Final 'Fantisy' then they might be in breach of copyright!

December 10th, 2004, 17:20
no square enix or whoever it is are making a final fantasy for the DS and it is reported that they are working with nintendo to get it online!!

December 12th, 2004, 10:16
ff for the DS: http://ds.ign.com/articles/554/554889p1.html

December 13th, 2004, 09:53
I just miss spelt final fantasy , im not meaning a new seris cald final fantisy