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December 15th, 2005, 18:57
SMSPlus 1.2 PSP: Ad-Hoc v1 Installation and User Guide v1.0

This guide is written for users with 1.50 firmware PSP's.

Things you need:

1.50 PSP
USB cable for your PSP
SMSPlus 1.2 emulator zip file ** Attached at the bottom of this post **
PC - Personal Computer OR MAC
A second PSP for Ad-Hoc/WIFI play

Please have at least the stuff listed above, or its equivalent.

Lets get started:


Download the latest versions of SMSPlus 1.2 Ad-Hoc v1 below. Unpack the contents onto your PC.

Lets transfer both folders over to F:/PSP/GAME/ where F: is your PSP drive letter. Make sure you transfer the NON % folder to your PSP first, then the % folder last.


With your PSP still in USB mode, open up My Computer (on your PC obviously). Double click on your PSP drive. Open up your /PSP/GAME/ folder and you'll see the two folders you just installed, click on the one without the % sign.

You'll see that I included all the folders you need for SMSPlus 1.2. Obviously the games go into the GAMES folder.

Games will either be Sega Master System (.sms) or Game Gear (.gg).

RUNNING SMSPlus 1.2 Ad-Hoc v1

Lets exit out of USB mode on your PSP and disconnect the USB cable.
Next navigate to your memort stick by pressing the D-Pad 4 times to the right, and all the way down till you highlight the Memory Stick option. Press "X". You'll notice your new icon that has "SMSPlus PSP Adhoc v1" on it. Press "X" again.

Give the PSP a minute to load. The next screen you see is a black screen with yellow text. This is the copyright info, and port info, as well as the build info. Below that information, you'll see the following:

Press X to select, triangle to return to game

Screen Mode - Fullscreen

Load ROM will be automatically highlighted (green). To load a game press "X". If you'd like to change the screen display option, press down on the D-Pad, and press "X". This will change the screen resolution to "Keep aspect ratio". The games run at full speed with fullscreen, so that option is recommended.

Once you've higlighted "LOAD ROM", and pressed "X". You'll be presented with the following:


Pressing down twice on the D-Pad will highlight the Games folder. Press "X". You'll now see the games that you've transferred previously. Just scroll through the list, and press "X" when you've found the game you'd like to play.

Pressing SELECT while in-game will bring you back to the main menu. Once back in the main menu, you'll have to the option to:

Load Game State - loads a previously saved game state
Save Game State - saves a game state
Adhoc Wifi - Disabled/Enabled ** will be explained further down **

You can change the options presented to you, or just press TRIANGLE to return to your game.


The above section listed the few options you have to change in the game. The emu runs at full speed, with full sound support so there isnt any need to really change anything.

Button config is pretty straight forward. "X" is button 1 and "O" is button 2. Start is the START button for Game Gear games.

Ad-Hoc WIFI Play

Load up an SMS ROM on both PSP's
Press select to go to the menu
Enable Adhoc on both PSP's
A screen will come up with the machines available
Select a game to play from one of the PSP's (this will be the client)
On the server agree to accept the connection from the client
Wait for the rom to be sent to the client PSP (this should take a few
seconds, occasionally it does not send it and you need to quit out of
SMSPlus and start again)

Once this is done the PSP should send the ROM from the server to the client and then start sending the controls to each PSP, if you start a multiplayer game you should find that player 1 is controlled by the server and player 2 is controlled by the client.

If one user presses select during multiplayer, both users must press
triangle to return to the game.

NOTE: Do not load another ROM without stopping wifi play, otherwise the
machines will be out of sync.
The Adhoc WIFI information was taken directly from the readme.


It's a pretty straight forward emulator to run. There isnt much that can go wrong. If you have any questions please post them here, or contact me via MSN Messenger @ [email protected]