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December 20th, 2005, 00:43
:mad: Hi fellas, can you please help me out, my step son thinks he's getting a Gameboy Advance for Xmas but I've got him a PSP as a surprise (can you imagine his face Xmas morning? :D ) I managed to get a Jap v.1.5, after hearing this was the one to get. I've ordered a 2GB memory stick, but I'm struggling to get this before Xmas so I have also bought Need for Speed; Most Wanted 5.1.0, so that he has definitely got something to play with Xmas morning. Unfortunately, when trying to play the game, I get a message to upgrade my software before playing. Is there a way around this message or do I have to upgrade? Obviously I would want to go back to v.1.5 afterwards. Any help would be much appreciated, but remember that I'm pretty much brand new to all this and an "Idiot's Guide" would be much appreciated, as would any other PSP links.

Thanks very much, and Happy Christmas.

Cheers, Foxhat. :confused:

December 22nd, 2005, 18:30
What version does it want you to upgrade to? I have a 1.5 jap psp and I love it. There are some games that you can get past the update but I am not sure about need for speed. You might be able to get past the update using no update. Heres the link:
Just download, put psp in usb mode, put the two folders with the % and no % in the game folder, exit usb, go to the game menu and launch the no update program.