View Full Version : Psp-pda V.1.2

December 26th, 2005, 01:16
Is this homebrew application a trojan or what? I have this PsafeP but I forget to scan it before I put it in my PSP memory stick and launched it, when I launched it, it say "I'm sorry but your psp has crash". So I thought it was suspicious then I realized I didn't scan the EBOOT.PBP before I launched it, I was scared and even scared when I found out the result of the scan: WARNING: Tries to access FLASH, but appears to be read-only.
I immediately delete the file in my memory stick and I PSP worked fine, boot fine, I just wanted to know if there's some effect this .PBP caused and is this PSP-PDA a trojan or not.

December 26th, 2005, 16:47
Damn....Sound like you were lucky this time. Thanks for the heads up. There is so much new stuff being released for PSP's a person forgets that there are these types of malicious programs out there as well. :eek: