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December 29th, 2005, 15:37
my partner gave me a psp for christmas , which i am over the moon with.

it came from singapore and is PSP1001 1.5 version.

is this good or bad ? is there any benifits ?

it plays uk games and dvd's so no probs there....

but when i went to play gta it upgraded to version 2.0 ?

i expect you guys have been asked all this a thousand times , but could someone explain it in english ?

December 29th, 2005, 16:57
Right, I'll say it now, DO NOT UPGRADE ANY FURTHER!!! At least not until you've heard about what you can do and decided if you want to or not!

Now for the explanation of this outburst.

An "update" or "upgrade" is Sonys method of improving the PSPs core software and removing any security holes. By getting a 1.5 PSP you had the ability to run homebrew software, these are programs created by the public (not Sony), such software includes emulators to play games from other systems (i.e. Super Nintendo or MegaDrive) and conversions of PC software (i.e. Doom, Quake or ScummVM).

By only upgrading to 2.00, you can still run some of that software using Fanjitas Eboot Loader or you can even downgrade back to 1.50 for full access to the available software.

The problem comes when, like GTA, new games demand an upgrade. Thats when you need to decide whether you want to play the newest commercial games, or the homebrew software. Although with 2.00 you can run 99% of the commercial games and most of the homebrew (all the good ones anyway)!

If running homebrew code interests you then don't upgrade any further and you can find tutorials on using it around these forums.

Feel free to ask questions if any this is still confusing!


December 29th, 2005, 17:24
n1 MG

December 29th, 2005, 18:30
ahhhhhhhhhhh , thats wots it all about then ?

the emulators interest me , i ave seen one's for the spectrum and amiga ? is this right ?

and too be honest gta isnt as good as wots its meant to be .

i take it you download this ' homebrew ' via the pc ?

im gonna try one of these emulators and see how i get on.

i didnt realise there was so much more to these little machines !

so how bout getting one for the homebrew software , and getting a new one for the future comercial stuff ?

that will save all the messing about ?

and having two psp's will be kewl.

thanks for your help.

December 29th, 2005, 18:55
There are emulators for both Spectrum and Amiga (500 only) which can be found:


If the new commercial games get too good to refuse and you really want homebrew as well, then 2 PSPs is a good way to go and is the path chosen by many people on these forums.