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December 31st, 2005, 08:08
The Best Way to Convert DVD to PSP

This document will show you how to convert DVD movie to PSP format and the easy way to put DVD on PSP. After these jobs, you can watch the DVD movie on the PSP.

1. First of all, please run DVD Ripper (http://www.imtoo.com/downloads/dvd-ripper.exe) and PSP Video Converter (http://www.imtoo.com/downloads/psp-video-converter.exe). Load your DVD into the program. For more details about this job, please read the instruction for DVD Ripper (http://www.sharewareguide.net/Audio-Multimedia/Rippers-Converters/imtoo-dvd-ripper.html). After it is loaded, please select AVI as output format. We recommend AVI as output format because it is more stable and the ripping speed is always faster than mpeg format.

2. And then, please open “Output Settings” in the “Settings” menu. You must select a codec for AVI output. You’d better select Xvid codec, from which you can get better output quality and smaller file size. If you have no Xvid codec on your PC, please download it from http://www.xvidmovies.com/codec. It is free.

http://storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4BtU6DAW1-Be_nd4LzY31_FZ6oHp3lEKFmOJD6hV-0pmAtseIpBSnCI6Z_tNEse7t53u7QIUGDj0hlyGNXyb8trJth8 yBWPlcEmx_tJI6r4GDB4sbWhOmPvmw-SdbmeTBtf0bGvJ1kdahEySpYzh-IVf

3. After you click “OK”, the program will return to the main interface. Now please just click “Encode” button to start ripping your DVD. If you do not want to get whole DVD ripped, you can just rip a chapter or a clip of DVD by the certain items in the “File” menu. And the output files will be found in the “Output Folder” you select.

http://storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4BtU6DAW1-Be_nd4LzY31_FZ6oHp3lEKFmM8oP_jkQDl4PkOfi5UzvjJ9nV2 cE-Hzx_PeoD5-9u7r-TUH3QzrPdAXemS_XdScHaAVgf43jKcaGUThlLz_JNjZ3o-B26Wdxm63u_GjZyJesrKPZGB1Ex4

4. It will take half of the duration time to rip whole DVD. After the ripping process is done, please run PSP Video Converter and load the output AVI file into the program. Here you should select “PSP Video Format” as output profile and decide where to save the target PSP file (Destination).

http://storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4BtU6DAW1-Be_nd4LzY31_FZ6oHp3lEKFmOUdy5jTMhStRsnrOXHGeQGEDic MVde1dBxSMjIAnhMKjxz3o4H6hHBYIJl6oA9Xlz3JkVnE6zehI 2rvpapusnlEOjfbyxjiBGkIPNmGoR7CA

5. Before you click “Encode”, please check something more. PSP Video Converter will show the basic information of the loaded file after you highlight it in the program, such as “Frame Rate”. You need this number to decide what frame rate you select for the target PSP file.

http://storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4BtU6DAW1-Be_nd4LzY31_FZ6oHp3lEKFmON_s-HvFUQsb6bXoiKePnKI5113N8osbVTzRT7D3HFZMkdjKae6iARq 64pvd1qHdb2JXkmGRE9YNAWwYMU5eusBM4n_kNxlEy9HolYgJT 4dujPMuF1DCvj

Generally speaking, DVD Ripper will keep the frame rate for output file as 29.97 in Xvid AVI file, which is always a good value for PSP Video Converter, too. The default frame rate in the PSP Video Converter is also 29.97. If the original value is lower than 25, you should select 14.985. And also, if you want to get a full-screen movie on the PSP, you must select 368x208 as “Video Size”.

http://storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4BtU6DAW1-Be_nd4LzY31_FZ6oHp3lEKFmPCI4m6_hVmVq7boxl3vM2-YKhtv0g52Bheh8j-bLMEdiSsOL7aS8qNAIczZP7tq3KplOUunAFuMvW_l6jNJ7Sznd G7PIUnSQCQrUx_y2QQBh1PRUZSTKmb

6. After you decide everything, please just click “Encode” to start the conversion to PSP format. And after the conversion is done, you will get two files in the output folder, mp4 and THM. You can click “Open” to reach the folder directly.

http://storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4BtU6DAW1-Be_nd4LzY31_FZ6oHp3lEKFmNsiYQ-YQEDrbNXbHx5Hs_NGA0v1ExYsxjXyAs8bW6ATy6s21Td3DmgjW EdLil0tK5pYgAoYA_9Dfp4TEDHhJw16DlaPE7GMYtfbRY6TA4h EhyIMiXJvjaM

7. You can play the output mp4 file on your PC with QuickTime. But how to put them into PSP for PSP playback? Here we recommend a free tool, called PSP Video Manager from www.sharewareguide.net. This tool will help you import and export PSP format files between your PC and PSP quite easily.
Please get your PSP connected with PC first, and then run PSP Video Manager. The program will detect “C:\Temp” automatically and show the PSP files in this folder on the left; the files on the PSP will be shown on the right, shown as “Removable Disk”.

http://storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4BtU6DAW1-Be_nd4LzY31_FZ6oHp3lEKFmOH5uznBaCCLHqQ92gdbAkoW1uE 3e0-0Sf4OdgqY4sRnGOsWdZvwFWAbVh3NWfbq8fTyocuH3bmfY2UmW NlOmMdAlelYVNgH-XtmdSUv_OwYcruqTZJy4a6

8. Please highlight the file which you want to put into the PSP and then click “Copy->”. The file will be transferred into PSP.

http://storage.msn.com/x1pbglk-vqL4BtU6DAW1-Be_nd4LzY31_FZ6oHp3lEKFmMPa6NZC6ugTt-o9DlNe5LS9irbaQJ7gMqywpE_hNVJR3Qiw4jjjg6jwfR3O1YV5 4omcmvKJYcda5RD4RHNRUMiL3bwJzvj2UXxTrTMFfzt3KrfsUY ztiBE

9. After this step, you will see your file on the right, which means that the file is playable on the PSP now.


10. What to do next? Enjoy your DVD on the PSP.

December 31st, 2005, 09:45

Excellent information here! Thanks for taking the time to write this tutorial. I know I'll use it... :D


December 31st, 2005, 10:12
Is there a free version of DVD ripper? That link links me to a free trial that only lets me rip 5 minutes.

January 1st, 2006, 00:41
Is there a free version of DVD ripper? That link links me to a free trial that only lets me rip 5 minutes.

google around for a crack or keygen.

January 2nd, 2006, 05:30
Or, if you want to keep it legit, follow these instructions:

January 2nd, 2006, 09:53
granted, my patience is very limited, but I found the IMtoo programs to be annoyingly slow and buggy.. not to mention there are several different software titles with PSP in the name, and all you have to (theoreticly) pay for to get the desired result..

Not sure where they are found, but good old DVDdecriptor and DVDshrink work well enough with PSPvideo9 to get video on your PSP

... just not sure how to get subtitles to come along for the ride yet... :(

January 2nd, 2006, 19:12
Not sure where they are found, but good old DVDdecriptor and DVDshrink work well enough with PSPvideo9 to get video on your PSP

... just not sure how to get subtitles to come along for the ride yet... :(

yeah i had trouble with dvd decrypter and shrink. i created a shrunk iso and used video vault. it never quite worked. i have the day off today so im gonna get stoned and figure it out again. ill try it with pspvideo. you use and iso image and mount it for psp video?

January 2nd, 2006, 21:06
If it helps use google BUT search for the version not the name!

and Ive read someware about how to add and remove subtitles If I remember Ill let ya know :)

January 3rd, 2006, 09:08
To DrSarcasmo: Thanks for your praise. Pleas share your experience about the products with me as well. :p

January 3rd, 2006, 09:18
Is there a free version of DVD ripper? That link links me to a free trial that only lets me rip 5 minutes.

yes, there is a free version for DVD Ripper. Please download it at http://www.imtoo.com/downloads/dvd-ripper.exe and they offer free trial for users.

But yesterday, when I visited their site again, I found another wonderful discount program suite called ImTOO DVD to PSP Suite (http://www.imtoo.com/dvd-to-psp-suite.html) that consists of ImTOO DVD to PSP Converter (http://www.imtoo.com/downloads/dvd-to-psp-converter.exe) and ImTOO PSP Video Converter (http://www.imtoo.com/downloads/psp-video-converter.exe). The dvd to psp converter can rip and convert DVD to PSP directly while the psp video converter can convert all popular video formats including MPEG, AVI etc. to MP4. It supports converting video formats including DVD, VCD, AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, 3GP, animated GIF, RM, ASF to PSP video, and audio formats like WMA, OGG, AAC, M4A, WAV, AC3 to MP3. So poweful!! I was shocked! If you are interested also, download the suite and run them to have a try by yourself: http://www.imtoo.com/downloads/dvd-to-psp-suite.zip

January 3rd, 2006, 15:31
sounds like product placement to me...not that I wasn;t suspicious to begin with.

As for using decrypter, Slaphappy, I think I used IFO mode with "stream processing" enabled under the IFO tab under the options, just make sure you select your audio, ect under the stream processing tab on the main window.. not sure if this is all nessesary, but it was from a guide and I don't typically have the patience to deviate too much from what I know works

Pspvideo9 took it just fine after that though, converted it to beautiful AVC too... just, can *never* get the subs to come through, and not sure which program is the culprit, if not both.

January 12th, 2006, 06:33
Nice guides, tomipoding, thanks! I came here for the first time and so glad met such excellent software! I have tried and found it so easy to use while offers so powerful function. What I want to say is Thanks thanks!! :D I do hope your guides can be added as 'sticky" so that all guys can see it from now and then.

March 1st, 2006, 13:14
yes it is product palcement, mikelovesipod is the same as tomipoding ans has several other name with the ip address all posting about the same thing.

his ip has been banned

January 22nd, 2007, 02:48
I use PQ dvd to zune (http://www.pqdvd.com/dvd-to-zune-video-converter.html)video converter. It is powerful and easy to use. And especially, It works very fast. I know they also provide dvd to psp (http://www.pqdvd.com/psp/) video converter.

January 22nd, 2007, 22:43
cool guide, who has enough ms space though?

April 19th, 2007, 09:28
I think it is the old vertion of imtoo's product
Now it has updated to the high vertion.
And it has more function, you can get the newest vertion on their homepage: http://www.imtoo.com/ipod-movie-converter.html