View Full Version : Qbus Flash Writer With 256mb Cartridge

January 1st, 2006, 13:45
A new device from Easybuy2000 (http://www.myaffiliateprogram.com/u/easybuy2/t.asp?id=5371), heres the details:

This is a Flash Cartridge which enables you to play Commercial GBA Roms on the GBA, GBA SP, GB Micro, Nintendo DS and Gamecube Gameboy Player, heres the full details:


QBus is the next generation game platform. Use it to burn backups, use it as a PC gamepad, to play movies, music, and all your favorite games - all in one simple device! GBA Flash Writer Qbus is a GBA flashwriter, cartridge, and a GB simulator on PC.

Qbus Flash Card is a programmable flash memory cartridge - GBA compatible cartridge
Qboy is a driver of Qbus flash writer, a software of auto-connecting the users PC to a game server which owns more than 1800 GBA games, to make searching for GBA games much easier as well writing the games into the Qbus flash cart
Users can swap the newest GBA games from a dedicated website: www.anyplay.net provided by Qboy and then flash the games into the Qbus flash card to being played under GBA, GBA SP or NDS
The Qbus can be used by plugging it into the PC USB Port. The Qbus itself works like a real GBA joypad and users can enjoy all the games provided by the Qboy on the PC
Qbus Functions: Playing GBA Games, Auto-update online. Enjoy the latest function anytime, Watching Movies, Listening to MP3 - Only Qbus lets you do all of this with one simple device