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September 13th, 2004, 17:58
Source = Nintendo DS News (http://nds-news.netfirms.com) [br][br] Several major American e-tailers including EBgames are all taking pre-orders on the Nintendo DS, giving the console an end-November 2004 launch date and a price tag of just under $200.[br]GameStop and EBgames both state a November 29 shipping date with a $199.99 price-tag, while Wal-Mart reckons it will launch a day later and is charging potential consumers a bizarre $199.82 for the privilege. [br][br]The former two sites are also taking orders on a selection of titles, with the likes of Animal Crossing, Egg Monster Hero, Final Fantasy Chronicles and Metroid Prime: Hunters mooted by GameStop as potential launch titles with a December 7 release date. EBGames, however, appears to list all titles at March 1 - a slightly dated estimate, perhaps?[br][br]While there has been no confirmation from Nintendo of America on the matter, the consistency amongst American release dates does suggests they there could be some possible 'insider/retailer' knowledge at work - after all, end-November was always anticipated for those territories. We shall have to wait and see.[br][br]However, what Nintendo has definitely confirmed (at the Tokyo Games Show, that is) is a Nintendo Japanese DS tour for November, which will enable the public to enjoy a hands-on with the console and various titles ahead of its release. Five cities have been confirmed as destinations thus far - Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, Sapporo and Fukuoka (try saying that last one after a few beers).[br][br]Interestingly, some reports have translated the tour name to read as the Nintendo World Touch! DS tour, suggesting that various other cities will soon be getting a taste of the DS. However, a Nintendo UK spokesperson said that "nothing had yet been announced" when asked about forthcoming public UK appearances, which left us none the wiser at just what the manufacturer has up its sleeve.

September 15th, 2004, 05:51
Was told of this price about 2 months ago By a manger at EB games and the PSP will ship at the same price on launch.

September 15th, 2004, 07:23
same Price?

September 15th, 2004, 08:45
There is no way Sony can ship the PSP for $200.

September 16th, 2004, 01:53
They plan on losing money on it selling it at a loss to take away any price advantage. Since they have the ps2 and the ps3 to cover the losses they can sell it for the same price and crush nintendo.

September 22nd, 2004, 09:50
Here's the release info!

Nintendo DS will debut in North American on Nov. 21, and then in Japan on Dec. 2. At an MSRP of $149.99,

Nintendo DS will be Nintendos first system ever to make its sales debut outside of Japan

PLUS - The NDS will come with pictochat (a wireless chat program for the DS that enables users to send both drawings and text messages

confirmed at http://nintendo.com

September 22nd, 2004, 10:09
aint no way that Sony can afford to release the PSP at $149

yes it may be more powerful but power doesnt mean it will win.

September 22nd, 2004, 10:45
battery life is very inportant too, (GG) and the psp looks like a real power drainer

September 22nd, 2004, 11:14
America before Japan? odd but at least if I get one I'll be able to understand what the box & assorted stuff with it says, though the Jap one may look nicer

September 22nd, 2004, 12:59
ill get one from day one

September 24th, 2004, 01:42
i cant see sony selling the PSP cheap, i always saw sony as Pricey? maybe this will be the wrong image sony dosent want? ( gives out the wrong impression ) the DS will sell better im sure.


September 24th, 2004, 03:17
The PSP has now been given an official price and for the Japanese launch it will be 33,000yen ($300).

September 24th, 2004, 03:21
i can never translate from yen to $

September 24th, 2004, 04:01
so the psp is 2x the price of the DS..... this is going to be a interesting war!

September 24th, 2004, 04:54
Intresting yes, i think we know who has won price wise...

Whats the offical realese for the DS in the UK?

September 24th, 2004, 09:26
Sony is going to be pricey as Nintendo is going to be lower priced seems pretty damn hilarious if you ask me