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January 5th, 2006, 21:58
ive started this thread in mind for anyone who is stuck with 2.6 if anyone knows EMU that may work with 2.6 please post here or if you know how to get round 2.6 please please post

January 5th, 2006, 23:26
no emu's or homebrew work, and no way to downgrade
someone close this

January 6th, 2006, 00:22
You know. Ive learned over time, that no one should take my opinions seriously. Period for any reason:D

Most of my ideas and opinions start out as the pathological playthings of a desturbed mind in serious need of medication, and then are reconfigured so it makes since to some degree in the english launguage :rolleyes:

However with all that said.

In the beginning of the psp homebrew race. only the 1.0 was able to play homebrew. Because as I understand it was open source.
A slight oversite by sony, That they remedied before the psp even hit the states.

Now not withstanding. This was a slap in the face to the homebrew comunity. Not just in the states, But everywhere.

Somthing had to be done.
We the people of the unified nation of homebrew, Would not stand for this outrage. And finely somone found a way.
Not only was the 1.5 explioted . But later the 2.0 was cracked wide open.
Sure the term wide open is debateible However, with the limated homebrew that can be played upon it. You can also completely downgrade it to 1.50.

Still sony presisted with its constant upgrades. Now the current that is out I believe is 2.60 Which has nothing of real interest to offer over 2.0 anyway.
Thats is also debateible.

Whatever the case may be. My point is.
The homebrew comunity came through for the psp user.
They made it possible to play homebrew on nearly all market psp's
and are still working on ways to exploit higher firmware versions.

People need to understand. That updateing beyond firmware 2.0
is risky.
And no one has promised an exploit to be found by tomorrow.
In fact the wait may take some time.

So psp people your choices are ultimately as they always where..
Dont update. and play homebrew.

Do update and dont play homebrew ..

Oddly I fall somwhere in the middle.

I like the features of 2.0. The web browser, The easy wallpaper swaps, And the ability to send pics to other psps.

plus I can play most current psp titles (on a side note Socom fire team bravo- does indeed rule )

And there is this fanjita eboot loader for firmware 2.0. I am playing nester j ,snes tyl. Sega,, basicly all my emulation works fine :D

Therefore It is ultimately my opinion. That for the most features and most useibility out of you psp. If you dig the internet browsing thing and the emulation thing plus you like to play current psp titles.
By far the best bet is 2.0. currently anyway:rolleyes:

I could go on. But hell I have to stop somtime......

January 6th, 2006, 01:48
errr, your posts are always oddly longer than anyone esles
you type incredibly fast? or do you have all this pretyped somewhere?

January 6th, 2006, 06:32
yeah im a pretty fast typer... lol either that :> or somwhere I find the time to jot down all my thoughts on every possible question that could possibly arise :p :p