View Full Version : New Beats of Rage Mod: Road Rash Revolution

June 16th, 2004, 10:34
Predator002 announced a new Beats of Rage Mod called Road Rash Revolution! Here's what he said about it:[br][br]Hi just letting everyone know that Im making a Road Rash Revolution mod for Beats of Rage.[br][br]I'm taking a few weeks off working on my Ghouls N Ghosts mod so that I can work on something fresh. Working on one mod for so long can be a bit mind dumbing and teadius. Once I've finished this, I'll be ok again finishing GNG. [br][br]Another reason for making this mod is that I've recently worked out a way of making animated backgrounds. So because this mod will rely on them, it will help me better understand how to use them in other mods. [br][br]I've created a simple website for the mod located here (http://www.freewebs.com/rr-r)[br][br]The mod will basically feature 4 playable riders racing across 5 levels from Road Rash 1. There are of course limitations like the races won't have left and right turns but the basics of the original games will be here. [br][br]The mod will be released hopefully around this weekend, and will be the final release. There will be no demo releases for this one. [br][br]During the week I'll post new screens showing progress.[/i]