View Full Version : NBA 06 problem?

January 7th, 2006, 04:02
I bought NBA 06 recently, and finally decided to open it, as I was deciding whether or not I really wanted the game, otherwise I was just going to go and either exchange it for another game, or just return it. So I pop it in my psp, and it says that I must update. On the PSP, in the game section of the main menu, there's the normal "Game Sharing", "Saved Data Utility", "Memory Stick", and "UMD" options. However there is now also a "PSP Update ver 2.00" option...which I'm assuming means that I need 2.00 to play it. So I decided to try out Wab Version Changer v2.5. I go through with it, press the appropriate button to patch my psp with 2.0 (orignally 1.5)...and then the psp loads the game. However, it gets to the first screen of the game, with the NBA06 logo and it says "Loading..."...however, after about 10 seconds on that screen, the psp just shuts off. I also tried SXTChangerVersion 2.02...and same problem with that. I then tried running the UMD through FastLoader, and once again, the exact same problem. Im wondering if anyone knows what I can do to play the game, as I can no longer return it since it's been opened. Also, has anyone successfully gotten NBA 06 to run on a 1.5, one way or another? And if yes, how?

(p.s. After using wab changer or sxt changer, and patching my system with 2.00, if I want to just go back to how it was before I ran any of those apps, do I just patch it back to 1.5 and delete the 2 GAME folders off my mem stick?)

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)

January 8th, 2006, 01:58
Hey, like I said any help is appreciated. Want to know if its even possible for me to play the game, otherwise I'll just sell it. And if you don't know the answer tomy nba 06 problem, Im still looking for help on the second part from (ps.....) :)