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January 8th, 2006, 14:14
i heard on GameSpot news or somewhere that 2 other game companies are working on thier own dog games for the GBA. one of them is called "Dogz" and it features 8 anatomicly-exxaguated breeds and you control a little guy and you can throw frisbees n stuff. i forget what the other one was called but it featured 10 different breeds and you control a first-person view and you can take your dog on walks and enter it in contests and such. i also think that TOY MAKERS are jumping on the "dog craze" aswell, because a week or 2 after nintendogs i started seen A TON of commercials for "dog" toys and "pet" toys. they are: "Rescue Pets" : basicly dogs with giant heads and sad eyes that all they do is whimper(who the heck would want this toy???) "Scamps My Playful Pup" a sheepdog that you can tell it 5 different commands and it will do that and you can tell it to come to you. and they said in the commercial "other dogs take Years of training but scamps my playful pup will learn right away and love you!" yeah buddy thats cuz ITS A ROBOT. NOT A REAL DOG. and another one is the "Little est Pet Shop" its basicly a doll house but with 1" high plastic dog / cat figuresthat have bobble heads. the last one i forget what it was called but all it does is come to you when you clap and go back to its box when you clap again. how utterly stupid.

none of these could ever even COMPETE with nintendogs because it is obvious that its the best dog sim of its time. but its funny to watch toy companies make reaaally cheesy toys just to try n compete. i mean c'mon, a dog that all it does is whimper??? a dog that all it does is come to you and then go back in its box?? how cheesy can ya get???

Mr Vasquez
January 10th, 2006, 05:58
:D Your exactly right.....People got hooked on the nintendogs fast didn't they?Even I got hooked on em' for awhile but i got control :) .

P.S: Whats with your link on your signature?Do I dare click on it? :confused:

January 13th, 2006, 01:24

i saw this at game-stop it looks like a birds-eye-view game and yeah. you control a little girl and you take care of dogs with huge heads and legs (even chihuahua has big head n legs!!)

"A Puppy's Life"
saw this at game-stop aswell and it looks like nintendogs but 2D (I.E. all you see is a wall with a dog house and a dog....pretty dumb)

and i also noticed that these were in the BACK of the GBA stand that has all the "very not popular" games (like "That's So Raven" "WinX Club" ect.). they looked pretty dumb too but i guess thats all they can do with GBA. NINTENDOGS = BEST DOG SIM OF TIME RIGHT NOW :p .

i also remembered the last toy, its called a "Cold Kiss Pup" (O.o;;) when you pet it, it wags its tail pet it more then it wags its tail inhumanly (or should i say indogly) fast (like it goes left and right 10 times in 1&1/2 seconds) then you press its snout into you face and it give you a "Cold Kiss" (im guessing probably just somthing cold in its nose that they put in there.). thats when the boy/girl in the commercial goes "its co-o-o-olddd!! and if its the girl her glasses will fogs with ice. :eek: talk about W-E-I-R-D :eek: :eek: :eek:

now back to AC:WW!!!