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October 13th, 2008, 17:42
First info about the game


BATTLE for the first time as an evil Hollow, including the menacing Menos Grande, in the most intense fighting game on the DS!
CHOOSE from 16 new characters, a total of 44 overall!
MASTER additional Bankai moves and attacks of the returning characters to inflict massive damage
STRATEGIZE with over 30 new Spirit Cards for a total of 90. Also, now you can put up four cards at a time instead of the previous two
FIGHT on a team for the first time or go it alone in free-for-all melee battles
HOST online battle events
CREATE tag team matches
SEND messages to friends
CHOOSE AND CREATE your own icon that will appear during online battles
ADVENTURE through 100 mission-based scenarios
PLAY and REPLAY seven thrilling gameplay modes: Story, Arcade, Versus, Training, Challenge, Time Attack and Survival

In this brand new storyline created exclusively for the Nintendo DS™, the battle between Soul Reapers and soulless Hollows hits an all-time high when the evil Hollows finally find a way to infiltrate Soul Society.

It all started when artificial souls with super-powered arms and legs were created to fight Hollows in a top secret experiment. These "Mod Souls," like Kon, were never meant to exist beyond the project but when they found out they were to be exterminated, they hatched a plan to escape Soul Society. Together their collective energy unwittingly opened portals throughout Soul Society that provided easy access to the ever-vigilant Hollows and set off the most intense high-action sword battles the video game series has seen to-date.


Now post your Freind Codes :)

November 2nd, 2008, 20:05
Once I put this game onto my DS flashcard and play online, I'll post my friend code. I am a HUGE Bleach fan and I'd kill to play against people here online.

August 21st, 2009, 19:23
so my friendcode for
blade of fate - EU: 3007-8460-2092
dark souls - EU: 2493-2744-6227

im playing only the european versions.

if anyone needs some combo advice visit our forum (its a german forum but ppl understand english): bleach-ds.de