View Full Version : Gpsp Problem?

October 14th, 2008, 00:04
I also posted this in the psp help forum but this seems to get more attention than the help forum so here we go

Hey everyone my first post here so yeah; I have the unofficial gpsp kai version acquired from dl.qj.net and was wondering if this is the most stable version I could be getting because I put a pokemon emerald rom (U) on it and for example I got about ten hours into the game and I turned it back on and it rolled back to five hours and nineteen minutes.

and I was wondering if this is the emulator or rom problem because I have tried different roms but I don't know what seems to be the problem.
If anyone had the same problem and has a fix the help would be GREATLY appreciated.



October 17th, 2008, 00:58
do you save ingame, or use savestates? i always use savestates, and they work fine