View Full Version : Bugfix Release: Mupen64Plus v1.4.1

October 14th, 2008, 15:24
from Richard42 (http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=46763)
I finally got around to tagging and releasing version 1.4.1 of Mupen64Plus. I have to apologize for not releasing this earlier; there was at least one major bug in v1.4 that probably affected a lot of players. So go out and download this release right now, because it will run a lot faster if you hadn't disabled the On Screen Display.

This version includes no new features over v1.4 but it does include over 20 bug fixes. Some of the problems that are fixed include: the major slowdown caused by the On Screen Display, a bunch of different crashes in the 64-bit version and in the Glide64 plugin, an installation script bug on non-BASH shells, some Blight input fixes, a fix for Conker's BFD, and memory leaks.

This will be the only bugfix release before the v1.5 release. I don't have a scheduled release date for v1.5 but it will probably be before the end of the year. For those interested, there have been over 600 commits to the Mupen64Plus source code since the 1.4 release. There aren't any major new features, but a lot of compatibility fixes (it builds and runs on Intel Macs now, even the dynarec!) and huge numbers of small fixes and improvements to both the GTK and QT GUIs.

Mupen64Plus has a Home Page over at Google Code, with lots of useful information, screenshots, a bug tracker, a discussion forum, etc.

To download Mupen64Plus v1.4.1, just grab the package that you want:

Mupen64Plus-1-4-1-bin-32.zip (http://mupen64plus.googlecode.com/files/Mupen64Plus-1-4-1-bin-32.zip)
Mupen64Plus-1-4-1-bin-64.zip (http://mupen64plus.googlecode.com/files/Mupen64Plus-1-4-1-bin-64.zip)
Mupen64Plus-1-4-1-src.zip (http://mupen64plus.googlecode.com/files/Mupen64Plus-1-4-1-src.zip)