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October 15th, 2008, 09:26
When I want to convert a bunch of my DRM wma music (which I free downloaded from windows media player) to iTunes for my new purchased iPod touch I found a window popped up which said the wma files are protected and can't be converted. So, I did a Google search and found these two tools ( A plug-in and a WMA to MP3 converter (http://www.wmatomp3-converter.com/wma-mp3-converter.html) ) to help me directly sync my DRM wma free download music from windows media player to my iPod.
The following is how I directly free download DRM wma to iPod with the windows media player plug-in and the DRM converter.

Part one: How to free download DRM wma music
Part two: How to directly sync Windows Media Player to iPod
Part Three: How to convert DRM wma to iPod

Part one: How to free download DRM wma music

You can free download the DRM wma music from this online store:


Click the "DOWNLOAD MUSIC" button and enter the free music world to free download DRM wma music.
(Note: You should register before download)

Part two: How to directly sync Windows Media Player to iPod

Step 1
Free download the windows media player to iPod plug-in MGTEK dopisp and install it.

Step 2
Connect iPod to you computer, start Windows Media Player

MGTEK dopisp is not a stand-alone application, but a plug-in for Windows Media Player. To start MGTEK dopisp, you simply start Windows Media Player. A few seconds after you plug in your iPod, you will see an iPod icon (1) in the tree-view to the left. To sync songs, click the Sync tab (2) and a new pane will open to the right. At the top-right you will see the status and the remaining space left on your iPod (3). At the bottom-right you will see the Sync List (4), which is where you drag & drop the songs you wish to copy to your iPod. To start syncing the songs in the sync list, you simply click Start Sync (5).


Note: You should invalid the sync automatically box to only sync the files in you sync list(4), or the media player will automatically sync all music files in your library when you press the Start Sync (5).

1.Start the Windows Media Player, connect your iPod to your computer, and then click the Sync tab(2).
2.From the tree-view to the left, right-click the iPod icon (1) and click Set Up Sync.
3.Uncheck Sync this device automatically.


Step 3
Sync music file to your iPod.
For the local unprotected music, windows media player will directly convert wma to iPod. But if the music in your library or download from the online store are DRM wma files the windows media player will automatically skip them, so if you want to convert DRM wma to iPod you will need this specialized DRM converter to help you convert the DRM wma to mp3 format before sync.

Part Three: How to convert DRM wma to iPod

Download this WMA to MP3 Converter

http://www.wmatomp3-converter.com/wma-mp3-converter.html (http://www.wmatomp3-converter.com/wma-mp3-converter.html#123)


After conversion, put the converted music to "My Documents\My Music" folder as I mentioned in the Tips 2, or you can directly set the "My Documents\My Music" folder as your output path, then sync them to your iPod.

1. I used the windows media player 11 to install the plug-in.
2. Windows media player will automatically select the "my music" folder (which is in "my document" folder) as the "library" folder. So if you want to add music to media player library you need to copy the music files to "My music"folder.