View Full Version : Multi-Doom questions! please answer

January 9th, 2006, 02:08
1. I have the doom II cd, but how do i make it a wad file? For the best help either tell me how to get the doom2.wad out of my cd or just send me the .wad so i can just have it. Email akballow@gmail.com

2. The only games i have gotten to work are counterstrike, doom1, quake, halflife, hertic, and golden eye. what other wads are known to work? please list all

3. Why are the wads not attached to the website or can someone just make a thread with all .wads known to work attached.

4. ( If Allowed) can people just send me the .wads and .pwads that work to akballow@gmail.com

IAm very mad that i cant get fun games like doom64 to work.

5. can someone please explain how to get the doom64 to work with the new emulator that just came out that supports pwads. i have the doom64.pwad and doom1.wad what else do i need to make it work.

6. when i use the new emulator, i try using doom1.wad and doom64.pwad at same time, everything works untill after i pick what diffuculty i want and then top left it says "can not fun comput2step6" or somthing like that.

please help me out because i for some reason cant get almost anything to work!

thank you