View Full Version : Metareview - Lego Batman

October 16th, 2008, 16:24
It's time again for another Lego [fill in the blank] title from Traveller's Tales. This time the blocky series follows the Dark Knight and his ward as they attempt to recapture the criminals of Gotham City who've escaped Arkham Asylum. The reviews seem to either take comfort in the familiarity the TT Lego franchise has brought so far, or squarely takes aim at Lego Batman for falling into the same pitfalls that the entire series has been plagued by.

GamePro (90/100): "Full of surprises, humor and an all-star cast of playable characters, it's yet another solid reinvention of an established license. Plus, it has Batman in it!"
GameDaily (80/100): "If you're sick and tired of LEGO games, then LEGO Batman: The Videogame probably won't change your mind. However, if you enjoy them as much as we do, then you shouldn't hesitate to shine the Bat-Signal and answer the call."
IGN (77/100): "LEGO Batman is good fun, but it's really just the same thing we've seen before. I don't think the LEGO formula needs much of a change, but certainly the common issues with the series should no longer exist. If you're looking to have a laugh with a buddy or you want something kid-friendly, this is your game."
Game Informer (75/100): "The charm of LEGO blocks is exploring your creativity and building new things, so Traveler's Tales' habit of sticking to one formula stands in stark contrast to the entire LEGO philosophy. We've had fun with this series, but it's time to dump the franchise out on the floor and start piecing it back into something new."