View Full Version : Both Wii Remotes Randomly Stopped Working On Menu

Hannibal King
October 16th, 2008, 16:51
For some reason both my remotes have stopped working on the menu screen, the hand just doesnt appear. I can plug a remote into my guitar from guitar hero 3 and use the joystick on that to navigate a hand to the game but if i take the remote out the hand disappears and wont reappear.

mario kart and guitar hero 3 and most other games work, worms doesnt because you need to move the finger on the menu screen of the game

Anyone else had this problem or does anyone have a solution please?


Oh and in addition, all the buttons on the remote work, if i press plus or minus then it changes through all the boxes, pressing home goes to the remote menu screen as usual.

This lead me to think it was the sensor bar because both remotes went at the same time, but doesnt mario kart work because the sensor bar picks up the steering movments? im not sure

October 16th, 2008, 20:10
No, its your sensor bar. . .

Mario kart doesnt sense the steering through the sensor bar, it is the accelerometers in the wii-mote that makes it know what to do.

Get a new sensor bar.