View Full Version : Please Help about My Pandora Battery and Installation thanks

October 16th, 2008, 18:52
Hello Admins and People and everyone. I am a new User Please I have a Slim PSP Version 3.71 and I got pandora battery that was shipped from dealextreme its a Chinese Company Online for everything. . And everytime i put the battery in the green light is on OK I understand that is a pandora battery. I tried Making Magic memory for my PSP Using the Software :-

PSP Pandora Deluxe Magic Memory maker

so I tried installing all of them but when I finished everything smoothly and when i turn on the psp to use my memory Card the 8GB one it doesn't work nothing comes up when I put the memory card in the green light goes off and when i take it out and turn it on without the memory the green light comes up ? What Exactly do I need to do to Play PSP Games for Free ? Please I need an easy software that can make my psp chipped and I can play free games of the internet from torrent or anysite I will be very thankful if you guys help me much appriciate it.

I will wait for your lovely replies back Don't forget me thanks.

October 16th, 2008, 22:05
YOu can't request downloaded games here.

And your 8GB memory stick sounds like a fake.