View Full Version : vlc4iphone and mplayer...room for both?

October 24th, 2008, 01:45
As you may have seen already, a fellow iPhone developer, skiman has released mplayer. It's a great step up from vlc4iphone and is available on Cydia via the ModMyI.com repo for jailbroken iPhone users. I say it's a step up since the choice of mplayer plus skiman's talent have allowed it to play media of higher resolutions much better than vlc4iphone. It doesn't allow for the same amount of streaming content though.

So I'm wondering if it is worth continuing vlc4iphone? I originally picked the use of VLC specifically for its streaming capabilities, but it seems it has issues with some formats on the iPhone. These issues tend to cause extreme amounts of lag in videos that interoperate with FFmpeg, like MP4 does.

I'm stuck with issues in vlc4iphone causing unusual amounts of lag, even after updating to the latest versions of VLC. I'm not sure how to continue. I was even considering giving different media players a port, which is why I was slowing down on it's development.

Even if it's just best to cut my losses and stop development on vlc4iphone, I will still release the sources via my github source repository.

What do you recommend I do? Keep trying to fix up vlc4iphone, or work on other projects instead?