View Full Version : Using DS browser as multimedia remote

October 25th, 2008, 12:48
Hi there,

I was just wondering, how feasible is it to use a DS browser (eg Bunjallo / Okiwi / DSOrganise / etc) as a multimedia remote? My plan is as follows:

1. Set up a multimedia server running software to stream TV from a digital tuner to a standard monitor
2. Set up a web server on this multimedia box that's capable of:
A) producing web pages with TV schedules to pass to a DS browser
B) Responding to requests from the DS browser to do things, such as change the channel currently tuned, change the volume, record a program etc.
3. Web server could theoretically be extended to control anything plugged into the network, e.g. lighting, central heating, etc. DS could consume web pages that the server then uses to control the whole lot.

Will any DS browser have enough functionality to support this? For example, how could I send an instruction from the DS to the web server without having to reload the current page, something like a simplified version of AJAX?

Any thoughts or comments very welcome, I should mention I have no problem with attempting to amend code in existing open source browsers, although I wouldn't call myself a programming genius my any measure. :S