View Full Version : Newsbits for 10/23: Birth by Sleep, Neverland Card Battles, Marvel Ultimate Alliance

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October 26th, 2008, 12:30
Well another day passes and new news trickles in: A new trailer for Neverland Card Battles: Godseal Talisman has showed up on Viddler, posted by joystiq. Some new scans, and a release date, have popped up for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2. The game comes out on January 29th 2008 in Japan. It seems Raven will not be working on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion anymore. Raven is hard at work developing two new shooting games and does not have time to work on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion. The honor will now fall to Vicarious Visions to finish the game. A new trailer has popped up on Game Trailers for Tom Clancy's End War. The game gets released on November 4th 2008, so be sure to pick it up! Here's one for member Code101, who requested more Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep news! Some new scans have been posted that showcase characters Ven, Aqua, and Mirror in action! It looks like both NBA Street and NBA Ballers are on hold! Bad news for Basketball fans!

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