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October 29th, 2008, 16:35
Hey, I just installed the HBC with success and was using an sd with some homebrew some people suggested I downloaded. Theres a thing on here called "Backup Loader", says it can play wii backups off dvd-r. I do have a backup of wii sports (legit) cos my disc snapped thanks to my friend jamming it in the gamecube thinking it would work. :mad:

So my question is if I load this "backup loader" through the HBC will it allow me to play my wii sports? Will it install (or will I have to) extra things for it to work? And can it play gamecube backups on a regular size disc?

Thanks :thumbup:

October 29th, 2008, 16:58
I'm sorry we do not support ISO/backup loading here at DCEmu. Please read the rules.

October 29th, 2008, 17:49
Oh, k i thought it meant asking for roms/isos. my bad

October 29th, 2008, 20:33
Asking is still discussing about it.

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