View Full Version : Newsbits for 10/29:PSP-3000 hacks, Dissidia, Super Stardust, Media Manager and more!

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October 30th, 2008, 00:40
Some pretty good news to report this newsbits! One piece of exciting is a new PSP Media Manager that lets you download content from the PlayStation Store via your PC and another is that the PSP-3000 has been hacked via a CPU switch with the PSP-2000. More news below.Are you excited about the new 4GB PSP-3000 Entertainment Pack? Well bad news! A recent PlayStation Blog entry has revealed that Sony will not be selling the 4GB PSP-3000 Entertainment Pack. Instead they are now offering a 1GB Ratchet and Clank Size Matters PSP-3000 bundle, and will be offering the same pack except that it will come with a Piano black PSP-3000 instead of a Mystic Silver.A new PSP Media Manager has been posted on the PlayStation Blog. This new manager offers PSP users the ability to download content from the PlayStation Store via their PC's. For PSP users without a Wi-Fi connection this manager will come in really handy! You can download the new manager via the PC PlayStation Store link here.Some new scans have showed up for Final Fantasy Dissidia. The scans show Final Fantasy VI characters Terra Branford and Kefka in full 3D glory!Ever since the dawn of the PSP, talented software engineers, known as "hackers", have taken the PSP apart and found all of its secrets. It seems that not even the new PSP-3000 can stop these engineers. A couple of hackers on PionyPSP have managed to hack the PSP-3000. How did they do this? Simple, by replacing the PSP-3000's CPU with that of the PSP-2000. Some features are do function, however. These include the screen and sound of the PSP-3000. Videos of how this was done are shown below.It seems that a new Elder Scrolls game will potentially come to the PSP by 2010, however, it looks like Oblivion PSP will not be coming in the near future. Get more information from Bethesda.Two new trailers for Garnet Chronicles has popped on Gametrailers.Japan gets new downlodable content for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G.A new Impact Mode has been added to the upcoming Super Stardust Portable game for the PSP. Super Stardust Portable is a port from the Super Stardust HD game for the PS3. PSPFanboy hands a hands-on walkthrough comparing the two games.

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