View Full Version : Which brand of MicroSD to get?

October 30th, 2008, 10:25

Ive got a Datel Games N Music cart, the original 128mb MicroSD came with it has broken so i got a new (used) one off ebay, its a Pentavo (ive never heard of them either).

Ive loaded all my old stuff onto it that was on the old card except now all my roms seem to run slower, they are all either SNES or Megadrive (Genesis) roms and im using SnemulDS and jEnesisDS.

Both worked perfectly before, well a couple of roms wouldnt load but now they slow down in certain areas and the sound goes weird, the framerate drops a lot and the speed percentage in SnemulDS drops below 100% quite often whereas before it was always around 150%.

This new card is a 256mb Pentavo MicroSD the old one was a 128mb Sandisk MicroSD.

Anyone have any idea what the problem could be, is there a certain brand i should buy to get decent performance?

PS. Ive tried both versions of the DLDI.



November 10th, 2008, 00:27
Kingston MicroSD cards typically come with lifetime warranties regardless of where you are I believe. It said on the package when I bought my card with a MicroSD card from BritDS.

November 10th, 2008, 12:47
True, but mine is a Sandisk card as stated above and it came with the Games N Music card so i dont think i get the warranty with this?

Doesnt matter now anyway, found out that the card was fine and that the emulator just isnt fully compatible, it runs almost the same on my new R4 that ive just purschased so my girlfriend has had the GnM instead.