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October 31st, 2008, 04:31

This is my first post here by the way too :P.

Anyway, I tried to copy some Play Station 1 games, they wrote to iso and bin files, (i'm dubbing spyro 1 and spyro 3).

Anyway so i first tried dubbing the games onto dvd disks, which don't work, then i dried a cd rw (rewritable) then read on some forum they don't work, then i tried normal cd disks.
Now they SHOULD work.
Ok so i used dvd decrypter to copy the games, on 4X speed, and the ps2 diddn't run it.
Then i tried it on 1X and diddn't work.

Then i downloaded 120% alcohol and tried that on 4x, the playstation setting, which should also work, which it diddn't.

I've tried so many variations, used so many disks, i seriously don't know whats wrong, i have a chipped ps2, i can copy ps2 games and play those with ease, so i'm confused as to why ps1 games are harder.

Anyway, if anybody knows whats up PLEASE help me.
I would gladly respond to any questions people have, cause i seriously want to play these games.

I don't know what other information could be relivant, so if you think theres any, just ask.

Thanks in advance to anybody who even reads this, and special big thanks to anybody who can help me out!

Bye :P.

October 31st, 2008, 05:38
Also i tested the iso and bin files with a psx emulator and they both work.

Also the disks i used aren't scratched.

October 31st, 2008, 11:55
i am so shocked this hasnt been locked yet
no ISO talk, but in regards to your question

PS2 mod chips usually only let you play PS2 games, not PSX

November 2nd, 2008, 20:52

jxx2005 for future reference, please hit the report button.