View Full Version : 360 problem- replaced my MS28 drive and retained the PCB but

October 31st, 2008, 14:18

my 360 broke and it would not read any type of disc......on a MS28 drive.

so i bought a MS28 which was described as working and put in my old PSB logic board in it which has my dvd key on it and yet now my 360 plays games as dvd's showing the "please instert disc into 360".....

i have cleaned the laser and the seller is telling me the laser is brand new.

he has also agreed to exchange my drive for a MS25 drive and will this work with my PCB board as it is the same hardware.....and i have red that it works.

also- i bought my 360 used and it had already been opened and MS wont accept the warranty so is it possible they have done something to the drive....

what should i do??

what could be wrong with the drive??

i am going to test another game as my halo 3 is really scratched up..


October 31st, 2008, 15:27
solved- my game was really scratched- damn blockbusteres!