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November 2nd, 2008, 20:28
I just got my psp hacked and i'm new to this... so sorry

I want to know the best emulators of PSX, Sega Saturn, N64, Mugen, and Dreamcast for the psp.

Also, the full detail on how to install them and how and where to put the games...

I know there is a lot of information out there but most of them aren't much help.

please provide pictures, links, or anything that can provide help


November 2nd, 2008, 23:28
PSX: The built-in 'emulator' is near flawless. You'll need a few tools to convert your Playstation Discs into a format readable by the PSP, but there are easy-to-find FAQs for that.

Saturn: Only experimental. It barely starts the BIOS, so you'd best just not even bother yet.

N64: Daedalus is really the only option, but it's rather good. Super Mario 64 is nearly perfect and lots of other games are quite playable. There's an update in the works that should increase the speed and compatibility even more.

Mugen: I've no experience with this, I'm afraid.

Dreamcast: That was supposed to be funny, right? No Dreamcast emulators on the PSP, and likely will never be.

The best way to figure out the individual emulators is just to read the README file that they'll usually have zipped inside with the binaries. It differs depending on how they wrote the emulator, so you just need to pay attention.

For the PSX matter, I'd recommend IceTea as a help to create the PSP EBOOT once you've got your PSX game ready. Once you have the EBOOT, place it in a unique folder in the GAME folder and you're ready to go!