View Full Version : No More Heroes 2

November 4th, 2008, 17:38
TGS trailer:

This will be awesome, it's one of the very few Wii games I'm excited about. Unfortunately, it will be released in 2010, which is two years from now! I liked the first one (not as much as SSBB, but it was still awesome), so I can't wait for the second.

Also, I was thinking, because the first one didn't sell too good (because it was M-rated and had tons of gore, and most Wii owners don't play those kinds of games), this should be available on 360 and/or PS3 as well just so it can sell more. It might ruin the motion controls, but the PS3 has a motion sensor too so NMH2 would work easily on the PS3 as well as Wii, and it would sell more on those consoles too.

Anyway, sorry for making such a long post, but I'm pretty excited about this game. What about you?

November 4th, 2008, 19:43
2010!?! That sucks.. lol. I dont know if I can stay excited that long.