View Full Version : Newsbits for 11/06/08: Dissidia, Bleach, Deals and more!

PSP Vault
November 6th, 2008, 22:10
Well seems like it a little slow for news today. Unfortunately J A video featuring EX Mode in Final Fantasy: Dissidia has appeared on Viddler, posted by Joystiq. The video shows Squall showing off his Renzokuken move and Zidane showing off his Trance move. Two new video has also showed up on Viddler, again posted by Joystiq. This one features the game Bleach: Soul Carnival. A BETA version of the Ad Hoc Party feature coming to the PSP, has been launched on the Japanese PlayStation Network. The first two games to support this feature are Monster Hunter Portable 2ng G and Phantasy Star Portable. If you haven't picked up a PSP, or want to buy a new PSP game, you might want to check out Walmart this holiday season. Walmart has got some deals on all Sony products for you to check out. Play-Asia is also offering price drops for your all gaming related products, including the PSP.

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