View Full Version : PlayStation Store Updates for 11/06/08

PSP Vault
November 7th, 2008, 02:30
Another very disappointing update for North American PSP users! If you have an European account, though, you can look forward to downloading two new PS1 classics; Spin Jam PS1 for 3.99 (or 4.99) and Theme Park for 3.99 (or 4.99), and a Launching the PSP-3000 Series video. Hopefully next week we North American PSP users will get some content and be able to start using the PSP PlayStation Store to all its fantastic glory!! Still searching for a site that offers Japan PlayStation Store Updates. If you know of any site that offers Japan PlayStation Store Updates please post the site in the comments of this article. European Content: PS1 Classics: Spin Jam PS1 game (3.99/4.99) Theme Park PS1 game (3.99/4.99) Game Videos: Launching the PSP-3000 Series video North American Content None. Downloading content from your PC to your PSP requires the PSP Media Manager, which is currently only Windows-compatible. Your PSP must be at firmware 4.05 or above, and a USB cable is required. You can also download content to your PSP via the PlayStation Network menu, featured in firmware 5.00 and above. You must have access to a Wi-Fi connection to use this feature.

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