View Full Version : Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9

January 14th, 2006, 12:09
Success HK (http://www.success-hk.com/affiliatewiz/aw.asp?B=112&A=50&Task=Click) have the latest techno releases from around the world, heres the info on this one:


Compact cameras tend to blur easily. That's why we equipped LUMIX with MEGA O.I.S. íV a superb feature you won't find on other compact models. Thanks to MEGA O.I.S., you get sharp photos even shooting with one hand in dim lighting.
As compact as it is, the LUMIX body still houses a large, 2.5" LCD. Plus, the high resolution of this display renders even tiny details clearly, so you can check the image more easily.
This is a more energy efficient version of the original picture-enhancing Venus Engine. It features outstanding high-speed response to help you capture beautiful shots instantly and efficiently. The mode dial makes it easy to take beautiful shots in almost any situation. Two new scene modes have been added to the FX9. A total of 14 scene modes now make it easier than ever to get beautiful results by simply selecting the one that matches your shooting situation.
We added a number of basic photo functions, like Extra Optical Zoom to bring subjects even closer, and High Speed AF for quicker, easier focusing. Functions like these make sure that you get exactly the results you want.