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PSP Vault
November 15th, 2008, 14:40
We are glad to announce that we have negotiated a partnership with PSPFriendly, a great PSP website created by our very own member iorkara. PSP-Vault will act as PSPFriendly news source, wells PSP-Vault returns the favour by linking back to PSPFriendly and posting news whenever new updates become available over at PSPFriendly. PSPFriendly includes the following features: Internet search from Yahoo and Google. E-mail interface to Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail. Search for PSP wallpapers, videos and music. Various RSS channels compatible with the PSP's RSS reader. A whole page full of links to various sites including Wikipedia, Quick Jump, PSP Fanboy and lots more!You will notice that PSPFriendly has been linked in the main menu, this links to the PC version of PSPFriendly, from there it shows how to access PSPFriendly from your PSP. Latter this week we will be adding a link to the PSP version of PSP-Vault that will also link to PSPFriendly. To access PSPFriendly from your PSP simply enter http://pspfriendly.com into your PSP's browser and hit enter. We hope you enjoy PSPFriendly and see it as a great addition to the PSP-Vault family!

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