View Full Version : Help with Geowars and Meteora

November 20th, 2008, 04:34
I recently bought the DSTT to use with my DS lite, and I've gotten most things to run without problems. Only two games fail to work, and I was wondering if anyone knows why.

Whenever I load Geowars, both screens turn white, and whenever I load Meteora, both screens turn black. Neither of them do anything else after loading, no matter how long I wait. I have tried re-downloading and re-installing them, and the problem remains. I don't think the problem has to do with where I put them on the card, as both games are just plain .nds files without any other folders.

Since google searches don't turn up anyone else having problems, and nothing else I've run fails to work, it seems to me that the problem must be some error on my part, but I have no idea what. Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be?

November 24th, 2008, 23:45
I guess no one knows what's wrong. Is there anyone else with a DSTT who can test these games out and tell me if they work for them?

December 22nd, 2008, 18:09
same thing for me... also super smash brothers rumble goes white as well on DSTT.

methinks its the DSTT... :(