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January 15th, 2006, 22:34
hi everyone i know that sum ppl are working hard on psp scen like the quake 2 relase, (very impressive) :) but also o know that many developers have left the psp scene (some ones due to lamme ppl, n sites ) and that is stoping slowly :( , i just was wondering whats going on in the projects of developers and if there is a way that some day weall see some emus :rolleyes:

i really play a lot snes emu it have a very decent speed/frame skip at 333mhz its a good relase, and many ppl are waiting for a ad hoc version so they all can go 1v1 on many good games, or some more improvement in speed on emu so some games can be playable ( starfox full speed would be great ;) )

also gba emulation have last year some good advances it has not so bad speed in some games but it seems that it has stoped, no new versions improvements have gone in this days :( , iknow that maybe full emulation its not possible but we all hope that there is a day that we shall see 80% speed in 222 mhz :rolleyes:

but the most anticipated relase (for me) was the psx emulator, it was very impressive for me when i see the first emu on the very first days of homebrew, and i really started to see the near day of playing final fantasy or mtal gear on my psp, but fast comes, fast goes, it never came eve to a single beta really playable relase, and to the day it seems to be dead... is this the end of this emulation? will ever be any one that make a psx emu
i know that sony makes hard to developers to keep up the work due to upgrades :mad: , and that also gpx2 is coming to eat all other homebrew scenes, but here in my place (mexico) is not possible to buy in a local store a gp2x and importing get really high taxes :( , so 4 many ppl psp homebrew still a hope, 4 me i hope only that psx emu come out.

well thats all i wanted to say, so... gl everyone :p

January 16th, 2006, 02:35
There's been a lot of speculation about the PSP homebrew scene dying, but a quick check on serious development websites will let you know that it's just not happening. The scene is very much alive and kicking, and even if you don't read about it, significant progress is consistantly being made. There are a lot of developers out there that don't make regular updates/releases, but that doesn't mean that they're not out there. Haven't you noticed that most releases are v 0.x? That means that they're incomplete, essentially beta releases (even if they are stable betas).

The scene has been around for a very limited time, and the initial rush of releases is just a reflection of the initial burst of discovery at being able to accomplish various tasks on the PSP. As more and more programming tasks become well established, you're naturally going to see software releases slowing down as programmers work less and less on releasing software that is purely groundbreaking in favor of working hard on software that is both useful and reliable. Keep in mind that professional software development usually uses a team of people years to reach an end product. Compare that with homebrew developers who a) usually can't depend on income from the software, and b) often can't depend on work from anyone else, and it's truly a miracle that anything gets released at all. Homebrewers are usually hobbyists. And like most hobbies, life has to come first. Exams, illness, work deadlines, all these, and other things factor into how much time a developer has to work on any given project.

Rest assured that active research is being made into the full capabilities of the PSP and how to unlock them.

Relax and hang tight, yes, even the PS ONE emulator is still under development, and very recent reports suggest that it is very close to being functional.

January 16th, 2006, 22:13
thats some goods news, iknow that developers of homebrew are not like u say a profesional team, but of course they do awesome jobs, i hope that like u say hombrew are not dying and that more and better emus are on the way
good luck to everyone