View Full Version : Dead/Stuck Pixels

January 16th, 2006, 22:14
Lets say I walk into Best buy tommorow with the PsP I bought last july. Since that time 4 or 5 stuck pixels have popped up. What is their return policy? What are my chances of getting a 2.0 or below :P.

Should I just ignore them? They arent noticeable in games. They only really bother me when im watching movies.

Ive tried the stuck pixel fixer vids, no success there.



January 17th, 2006, 01:46
Its your call, All I can say is that if you do return it the chances of getting a 2.0 are getting lower and lower.

January 20th, 2006, 23:16
Its my call, that isnt advice!

~I'll think on it~

Is the "Single Pixel Fixer" any more effective? The reports of "cleared up my stuck pixels in 10 minutes" and the like are driving me crazy.